The Self Study Package on Project Cycle Management in Development Cooperation is designed particularly for Finnish civil society organisations (CSOs) to assist in planning and implementing development cooperation projects with their southern partners. It can also serve the partner organisations of Finnish CSOs and other organisations involved in development cooperation.

The aim of this online course is to help CSOs to update and build up their knowledge on development issues and project cycle management, and this way to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their development cooperation projects. The web pages also offer links to other information sources on the subject to facilitate learning both on individual and organisational levels.

The web course consists of six modules. Each module contains a text part, and a task part with three to four questions. You can access the text parts even without signing into the course, but for entering the task parts requires signing in. You can complete the whole course in one go or take the course module by module. Completing the whole course takes about one working day. When you complete the whole course, you will be sent an automatically generated certificate to your e-mail in PDF form.

Characteristics of the web pages:

  • Footnotes are indicated with superscript numbers1
  • Pop-up boxes/windows are marked with blueish green characters in the text. Pop-up boxes may contain text, tables, pictures or videos.
  • Links to other internet pages are marked with a small box and an arrow after a blueish green text.
  • Figures marked with a magnifying glass will open up bigger by clicking the image. 
  • In the foot margin of each page there are two icons: one to display the page in a printer friendly form, and another in PDF -form in case you would like to save the module text. You can also display the pop-up box contents in a printer friendly form by clicking the underlined text in the printing or PDF versions.

The Self Study web pages may suffer from technical problems, and even certain errors in the content may occur especially in the initial stage. We always welcome your feedback. The more specified your feedback is, the easier it will be for us to develop the website further.  After completing the course, a feedback page will be available for your comment. You can also send your feedback by e-mail to: selfstudy (at) kepa.fi.

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